I started an Arts degree after leaving school, originally wanting to teach. I clearly remember standing in a tall building 6 months in looking through the windows to the hills in the distance and wondering what I was doing.  Not long after, I enrolled in Horticulture at Burnley with a focus on landscape and have never looked back.


After finishing I was fortunate enough to work for a short time on some public infrastructure landscape work and later for Robert Boyle, whose passion for horticulture, design, and learning through hard work, instilled in me a love for plants, masonry and timber.  I was always fascinated by the way that shapes and lines on a plan could give way to an end product so intricate and beautiful.


Over a decade ago I began my own business, and I believe that years of honing my craft from the ground up, always with the focus to push myself, learn a new skill set, take on a challenging project and work with other industry professionals continues to create opportunities today.


We have worked on myriad projects including small spaces in the inner city, reworking old gardens, community gardens, large country projects with challenging topography, and new projects in conjunction with architects and builders.  We continue to look forward to each new project with passion and drive to create beautiful spaces.


Stephen JS Beavis