Each project starts with the process of design, whether the project is large or small.  A client brings their ideas, vision, requirements and aesthetic. We consider the site, the brief, the budget and the architecture of the building, thinking carefully about space, movement, plants and the balance between both the built elements and the soft landscape. Through a series of drawings and meetings we refine a concept that seeks to creatively tie all these elements together.


Many projects require planning and building approval, and where required we work closely with specialist consultants to provide the crucial information in order to get the project to implementation.


Our team love what they do, possess a wide and varied skillset, and bring knowledge, passion and energy to every project.


We have the experience, knowledge and capacity to manage and carry out every aspect of a landscape project, from earthworks, carpentry, paving and masonry to soil preparation and horticulture and can call on specialist contractors as required.


We believe that the ability to manage the whole construction process internally allows for flexibility, continuity in the staging of work and in turn assists in the resolution of details and changes that may not become apparent until a project is underway.


Stephen Beavis holds a Builders License (Structural Landscaping) with the VBA and is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and AILDM.